Saturday, May 21, 2011

... and I feel fine

It's now 1am EST so things are going to get pretty hairy about 17 hours from now, right?.  (Apparently the end of the world is going to start promptly at 6pm local time as the rapture rolls round the world.  Who knew total devastation was so punctual?

By now you've no-doubt heard about this craziness. The only part of this story that grabs my attention, though, is how much people are talking about it - even ordinarily-sane friends of mine. As a New Yorker I'm used to running int oone of these end days loons every couple of weeks but, for some reason, this time it's gone viral.  Maybe it's twitter's fault.  Or sun spots.  Or maybe some old, rich lunatic is dumping a ton of gullible money into advertising it and with Bin Laden dead what else is there left to talk about?

Come Sunday the "true believers" should feel absolute shame and embarrassment at still being alive.   But they won't.  You'll see.  They'll use the lack of the apocalypse as a sign of their god's love, mercy and patience rather than what it really is: just another day where we don't get to lock them up for spouting their nonsense simply because it involves a 2000 year-old, dead hippie rather than three-headed monsters or alien abductions.  (When you think about it, doesn't religion sound an awful lot like aliens? powerful creatures we don't understand, tremendous powers, people vanishing into thin air, genital mutilation, etc.)

In fact, on the subway this evening there was a man ranting on this subject for the full half hour I shared a car with him.  Even through my noise blocking headphones (try commuting in NYC for a month and you'll want them too) some of his words slipped through especially the part about God not punishing people for being wrong or for making wrong predictions. What a *convenient* piece of scripture, huh? "The world is ending!  God says so!  But if not, well, uhm, God is still awesome and loves me for being a panicky liar."

As I've often said you can't argue logic against magic.  Magic will win every time because it's bullshit and therefore infinitely flexible. I didn't even bother trying.  I was too tired for a good argument anyway.

If this is the end, well, it's been fun.  If not I'll just chalk this up to another batch of collective absurdity.


  1. Harold Camping has now apparently said that May 21 was only a "spiritual Judgement Day"...that's why we didn't see anything happen. The real fireworks are going to be on Oct 21, when the world ends.

    So he made a mistake. Oops. *rolls eyes*

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