Monday, July 13, 2009

The running of the bulls(hit)

I'm no PETA fan (boy do I love me some rare steak) but really, what makes people think that bull fighting or even the running of the bulls is OK? "Let's take animals, drug them and make them chase people through the streets before killing them slowly with multiple sword wounds." (warning: that link has some graphic images though they're hidden until you click on each one. Which you know you're going to do so don't kid yourself.) Admit it: when you look at those pictures and you see men getting gored you secretly cheer inside. It's cool. Let it out. You're only human, which is more than can be said about these idiots.

And for an encore let's find some baby seals! Momma needs a new pair of fur slippers.

Not so much absurd as just disgusting.

1 comment:

  1. Bullfighting is awful. I know some people claim it is an art...but it is just awful. And I will not look at the pictures...