Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The only thing we have to fear is...

I guess it's time for some political opinion. Lately I've found myself grumbling at the TV (ok, podcasts, but who's counting? Shut up, A.C Nielson) at the lunacy coming out of the right wing especially as it relates to the health care debate. I'm not going to rehash what many have already covered: the birthers, the deathers, etc. I'm more concerned with the underlying cause of the recent discord: Fear.

I'm not talking about fear of death panels, or fear of socialism, or fear or the latest bogeyman. I'm talking about the fear of being wrong. Republicans, at least the few smart ones, know that they're on the wrong side of history, yet again. Just as they were with civil rights, Medicare, Medicaid and as history will prove them wrong on climate change, gay rights, etc. Every other developed nation on Earth has some sort of universal health plan which costs them half as much per capita as the US pays and yields significantly better results. We're in the bottom of almost every scale of health measurement: life expectancy and infant mortality nicely cover both ends.

The reason the GOP is lobbing every bit of bull they can at the Democrats is that they know it's the right thing to do but if it gets through the Democrats and, more to the point, President Obama, will receive the credit now and in the history books. They are so incensed at the disaster of the last eight years that they're willing to do deliberate damage to this great country rather than see their names smeared. How's that for representing your constituents.

Those who get their news exclusively from Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News need to read other sources to learn what's real and what's not. Just because it came out of Sean Hannity's mouth does NOT make it true - in fact quite the contrary. You are being PLAYED, people. You're being manipulated and used as dummies - literally. The insurance companies and the GOP (but I repeat myself) are pulling your strings (aren't you glad I didn't continue the puppet analogy?), getting you to spout their lies, and letting you look like the fools. Wake up. Blocking health care reform will hurt you, not the lobbyists, not the ultra rich who own the GOP, you. Why in the hell would you work against your own interest?

Oh yeah, it's easier than thinking.

Absurd. Absolutely absurd.

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