Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More school antics

As if boycotting President Obama's welcome back speech wasn't partisan enough now a school district in Arlington, Texas is going to bus kids to a speech by former President George W. Bush. Even the pastor of a local Baptist church doesn't understand it. saying "I do not understand the duplicity in this situation".  A TEXAS PASTOR!   I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.  

So, let me get this straight:  The history-making, sitting President's message of studying hard, staying in school, learning from failure and achieving more in life was too corrupting and would "indoctrinate" their weak-minded children.  The message that could have been recorded to be played back during their lunch break so as not to interfere with classroom teaching (never mind that for many this was the first day of school so little teach is actually done).  But it's ok to spend hard-to-come-by school district money (what, you think drivers' time and fuel are free?) to drive kids 30+ miles across town in the middle of the school day to listen to speeches by a former President (and certainly less relevant figure), his wife and other local leaders?  Let's put aside, for the moment, the rabidly partisan behavior of the past administration and give them the benefit of the doubt.  These kids are still going to miss far more than the 18 minutes of school that President Obama's speech lasted.  The hypocrisy is staggering and only serves to prove my point yesterday about the racism behind people's objections to the President's school speech.

What's the message here for kids?  Skipping school is OK as long as you're listening to "us" and ignoring "them"?  That others' opinions, even the most powerful man in the world, don't matter?  That there's nothing a little ignorance can't fix?

I'd weep for our country's future, but so many Texans are talking about secession these days that by then maybe they will actually be a whole other country.  A third-world country, but still....

The absurdity marches on.


  1. Sorry...just need a moment to mention the following: Joe Wilson and Mike Duvall. Cannot decide whether to laugh at their self-destruction(s) or just be totally grossed out by them both.

  2. It seems that Mike "I spanked her in her eyepatch underwear" Duvall is finished in politics. Wilson? We'll see just how sane the voters of South Carolina's second district are. (What the hell is "eyepatch underwear"??)

    You know who's suffering the most here? Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, both of whom are on 3-week vacations. (who gets 3 weeks off these days other than teachers???) You know they're sitting at home going "BEST MATERIAL EVER! WILSOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  3. I know. That is sad for Stewart/Colbert. Fortunately, there seems to be no end of comic fodder from the "family values" folks.

    I was also wondering about eyepatch underwear. And who would sleep with that guy. Did you see him???

  4. Fortunately for Jon and Stephen ... and YOU! - and unfortunately for the rest of us - there seems to be no end to the absurdity the right can perpetrate. They seem to top themselves daily.