Saturday, July 17, 2010

A basketball game you'd never want to see

You're a basketball fan, right?  Well, even if you're not you probably enjoy watching the Harlem Globetrotters beat up on the Washington Generals.  Imagine you went to a game and saw this happen:

The Globetrotters are up by their usual 40 points around half-time at which point the Generals coach begs them not to score any more points, in fact, he asks them to remove all of the points they've scored so far this game.  Even worse he whines that point scoring confuses other teams so they should agree that neither side will score any further points the rest of the season. The Globetrotters would absolutely leap at the opportunity, right?

Of course they wouldn't. 

But they would in John Boehner's world. 

Back in reality what makes him think that the Democrats are going to stop producing regulations especially while he's whining about wanting to repeal everything they've done over the last 18 months anyway?  Has he forgotten that his party got trounced in 2006 and 2008 and they went from control of both Congress and the Whitehouse to control of neither?  He has no legislative power, no moral authority, no mandate. Yet he's out there demanding things that are laughable, at best.  The economic and environmental disasters over the last few years have been directly as a result of the GOP's push for deregulation and lax enforcement of the laws that were left.  We have to return to sanity, though I guess it makes sense that the Republicans have no concept of sanity.  Just look at their so-called leadership. 

Maybe all of the spray tanning has gone to Boehner's brain. 

I could be nuts but I think if he wants to have any influence on policy he needs to stop stamping around like a spoiled toddler and start participating in government the way it was intended to be done.  Opposition is vital and frequently constructive.  Obstruction is neither. 

Let's just hope that we, the American people see the difference in November and, once again, show these clowns that we're not falling for their hi-jinks any longer.

We're not laughing with you, John.  We're definitely laughing at you.

Because you're absurd.

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