Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Work Ethics

If your business had an open, entry-level position and you wanted to hire someone you'd likely conduct interviews, right?  What if a somewhat reasonable-looking candidate told you that once he got the job he wouldn't do the tasks you give him and that he'd spend all day harassing the other employees who were just trying to do their work.  Would you hire this guy?

Of course not.  Because you value hard work and dedication.

Then why are so many voters so enamored of the GOP?  Many of their candidates for the House and Senate have promised to sit on their hands if they win and do nothing more than conduct investigations of the Obama administration in an attempt to smoke out some scandal, any scandal that will play in an endless loop on Fox Vuze Channel.

Do these people lack all business sense?  They claim to be the party of business big and small yet they nominate  these ridiculous candidates and then proceed to elect some of them! Or are they just so wrapped up in partisanship that their sense of irony and grasp on reality are gone?  Not that these two options are mutually exclusive, of course.

Do yourself a favor if you have any GOP friends who might vote for these buffoons.  Present the scenario I outlined above and see that they say. If they won't hire a do-nothing to make their french fries why would they elect a do-nothing to make their laws?

The GOP: Proving that fact really is more absurd than fiction.

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