Thursday, October 8, 2009

Joe is the new Wayne

Tonight a bit of a diversion from the usual absurdity for a bit of mild silliness.

Do you remember when the middle name "Wayne" was the kiss of death for anyone other than Kenny Wayne Shepherd? Do the names John Wayne Gacy and John Wayne Bobbitt ring any bells?  I thought so. If you're interested, by the way, News Of The Weird compiled a much more exhaustive list of middle-name-Waynes (MNW's).

I haven't heard of any MNW's making news lately, but a new name may be replacing it: Joe.  One of the stars of John McCain's spectacular flame-out last year was a buffoon they picked up on a campaign stop who was quickly dubbed Joe The Plumber.  (Yes, I know it was Barack Obama who found him first, but that isn't important,as it was the GOP that made him a celebrity). Well, Joe isn't his first name (and neither is he a plumber.) His given name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher.  So, no big deal, right?

Well, as I'm sure all of you know David Letterman was recently the attempted victim of blackmail by a CBS producer, Joe Halderman.  But wait, his name is actually Robert Joseph Halderman. 

It's not quite the same as the MNW's but there could be a pattern forming.  If your middle name is Joseph but you use "Joe" as your first name you may want to rethink that.

Or not.  It could just be a coincidence.  Either way we'll be watching you MNJ's.

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